TV Mounting

TV Mounting for Austin, Dallas & Houston, TX

At Empire Services and Installations, we offer TV mounting services in Austin, Dallas and Houston, TX. Whether you are looking to mount your TV on drywall, brick, tile or even the ceiling, we will make sure that your TV is in a great spot for viewing and more importantly, properly secure. It is very important to have your TV properly mounted on the wall as you, someone else in your family or one of your children could experience a major injury if not properly installed. As you expect, the larger the television the greater the risk of hanging it yourself. If you are ready to free up some space and mount your tv today, call the AV experts at Empire Services and Installations to take care of it for you! 

Benefits of Mounting Your Television

Here are some benefits to having your TV professionally installed by our AV experts. 

Freeing up Space – Gone are the days of having large cabinets to hold your television on. These only take up space, look bulky and add one more thing to worry about when dusting. When you mount your TV, you free up precious floor space in your living room, bedroom or other area. 

Viewing Angle – When you have your TV mounted, you can have it at a proper viewing angle as flat screens are designed to be mounted, preventing neck and eye strain. Additionally, you have the option of being able to tilt your television to a different angle or have a full range of motion for your TV.
Clean Look – Worried about wires? Don’t be. One of the amazing benefits to having your TV professionally mounted is that all of the wires can be hidden behind the walls leaving you with a sleek, modern appearance. 
Looking to have your TV mounted in your home? Give us a call today! We have locations in AustinDallas and Houston, TX and are ready to come out to you!