Wifi Everywhere / Home Network



Building your dream home from the ground up gives you the chance to add today’s “smart” technology in your walls to enhance entertainment, communication and comfort. The Home Connection Center is where it all comes together. Even if you are a little hesitant to outfit your home with the latest and greatest technology, pre-wiring means you’ll have the option to add them to your home down the road. Today’s household is constantly streaming content, browsing social media, online gaming and using multiple devices all at the same time. Properly wired, placed and configured Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) will ensure that all wireless demands are met not only now but in the future as well.

Our service technician will customize your wireless options based on your needs and use. We’ll make sure it’s set up so that you can connect, but your neighbors can’t. Considering all the information that runs through the Home Connection Center, it feels great to be wireless and worry-free. Anywhere in your home or yard.